Welcome to Loot

Welcome to our joint, Loot Vintage Rentals. We are Anna and Rhoda. Sisters-in-law with a whole lot more in common than marriage. We are creators of things extraordinary. Resource for the DIYer and designer alike. We start a vision, and you take it and make it your own special affair.

Meet Anna and Rhoda

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Anna was brought up in the art of antiquing and thrifting. Her house was always filled with items of aged decor all telling their unique beautiful story. Anna took her loves of style and fashion to New York where she attended and graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology. While in New York, Anna submerged herself in the fashion world where she worked in fashion week, different boutiques large and small, and the world reknowned fashion public relations firm, Peopleʼs Revolution. Anna also served in marketing and promotions for cutting edge boutique, OAK, where she managed the web site, handled logistics, and even modeled the amazing fashions. Donʼt let her fancy pants credentials fool you. She is no stranger to getting her hands dirty by scouring the roadside and flea markets for the best treasures to outfit your events.

Rhoda’s lived all over but got to Austin as fast as her husband’s little ’79 Toyota could haul her down IH-35. Having grown up in the world of flea markets and yard sales, weekends were spent with her mother (a certified bargain hunter) as they followed homemade roadside signage and used as maps to finding new treasures. Thrifty buys were displayed as trophies in their home. She embraced the vintage aesthetic early on and has held onto it ever since. After working professionally in corporate communication, event planning, and academic coaching, Rhoda decided to combine her picking heritage with her vintage habit and turned it into a career. Try to tell her vintage is dead and she’ll invite you to sit for tea and hear why the style is thriving and alive. She might even teach you a little craft and send you on your way with a handmade paper flower garland. Rhoda combines her skills in communication, planning, crafting, and junking to bring only the finest vintage rentals and styling to your event.

What does this mean for you, our potential client? That we have loads of fancy style, brilliant know-how, too many years to count experience finding the best-of-the-best vintage items, extreme can-do-ness, and a huge warehouse of authentic antiques and vintage style to bring to your event. Come for tea in the Loot Lounge so we can share our love with you.